Chimney sweep says "chimney section slightly disconnected from coupler"

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Aug 15, 2023
I have a high ceiling, with a long 6" flu on a free-standing Avalon wood stove that was new when my house was built in 1994. I recently had the chimney cleaned, and the chimney sweep (new to me, other one retired) wrote: "Top chimney section is slightly disconnected from coupler. Chimney is nearing end of expected life span. Suggest replacement. Estimate $4K-$6K." My gut feeling is to hire another chimney sweep (even though the chimney is clean) and get another opinion. Even if this is necessary, does $4K-$6K make sense???? I have never had any leakage or indication that anything is out of the ordinary. I would greatly appreciate any comments. Thank you.

Chimney sweep says "chimney section slightly disconnected from coupler" Chimney sweep says "chimney section slightly disconnected from coupler" Chimney sweep says "chimney section slightly disconnected from coupler" Chimney sweep says "chimney section slightly disconnected from coupler"
Seems high, but we don't know what work is expected to be done. It depends on whether the chimney pipe is still made or not. If not, the support box will also need replacement. Maybe the flashing too? That looks like a short length of chimney, so if it is still made and available, then it should be an easy replace.
That sounds extremely high to me...based on the fact that there is an existing, and short chimney...should be a pretty easy job...IF it even really needs done. I would be asking them for some high quality pics of SPECIFICALLY what the issue is...
Looks like a really easy diy job to me... other than the interior height (which is easily overcome by a good ladder or rented scaffold). Outside, just lay a ladder on the roof and tie it by rope to an immovable object on the other side. The stove pipe is relatively cheap, and there's only a section or two of chimney pipe required.

in any case 4-6 grand is a ridiculously broad range (and even the low end is lots!), especially for an "expert" who has had a good look.

if it needs to be replaced at all...
Did they provide a detailed report and an itemized estimate? Is the stove pipe also showing deterioration or just the chimney pipe?
What exactly is he looking to replace? I doubt he’s only looking at 3-4 feet of class A at that price.
Thank you all for your excellent replies. I don't know any more than what I've stated.... no details were provided. I'm in the process of making an appointment with another (and well-recommended) chimney sweep to get another opinion. Again, appreciate you all taking the time to reply.
Good idea. Get a detailed inspection report from the other sweep with recommended corrective action(s). Ideally, the report will include pictures are areas needing remedy.