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    Dear Sirs: I have been trying to find an answer for the white deposits that form on the outside of my fireplace on the side of the house. It spoils the looks of what would otherwise be a beautiful brick. I have tried using lime away cleaners, and vinegar, and other suggestions, but with no success. The brick is a mixture of different shades of dark red and browns and the white is very blotchy. I am assuming it is lime, but perhaps it is something else. Do you have any answers you can e-mail me? Thank you in advance.


    Nancy, you might find some better answers at the masonry sites...listed at https://www.hearth.com/what/links.html - but here's my take:

    Use a clear silicone-based sealer--available at paint stores, certain home centers or masonry yards, to seal the brick. This soaks in and should darken the brick a shade (like it was a little wet) and help with the appearance. In addition, this seals the brick and mortar against water.<p>
    The deposits should like lime or other materials leaching out of the mortar.

    Link: Hearth Links
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