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    Realizing that this question must have been asked before I have searched through your data base but have not found my answer. We have a VC Defiant Encore wood stove in which the glass doors get dirty in no time. Cleaning with paper and water didn't work to well and i have used a Rutland Hearth and Grill Glass Cleaner. It has been easier to clean but will get dirty within one nights fire. There is supposed to be an air wash system incorporated into this stove and I wonder if I am doing something wrong. Should I burn my fire differently? I use seasoned hard wood and burn it at about 500 deg stove top temp.


    There is an air wash on that stove, however when the draft is turned down, this causes less air to wash across the glass.

    There are two different glass arrangements in the Encore. The older ones had double pane glass, and the newer have single. I think the single glass has a special coating on it so that it stays cleaner, while the double stays clean because it stays hot (creosote settles on colder surfaces)

    The only hints I can give are:

    1. Run the stove hot for a few minutes after loading it up for overnight. This will make certain the chimney is drafting well..which makes the air wash work better.

    2. Try setting the air control just a little further open at night.

    Also, as the weather gets colder this may not be as pronounced. Draft can be stronger in cold weather, and the stove is also run hotter - both resulting in cleaner glass.

    Article on cleaning glass at:

    Link: Cleaning glass link
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