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    I bought a house with an old Buck woodstove. House is 16 years old, so the Buck is probably a similar vintage. Based on some pix I found on the web, it appears to be one of the following models: 26000 27000 28000 Seems to be double-walled, with a fan in the back that blows air out the front. Here's the question:
    1. How much clearance should there be between the stove and the wall behind it? It's at 18" now, but the wall can get pretty hot.
    2. Am I supposed to leave the fan turned on to help keep the wall cool?


    Most older Stoves like this are 36" clearance from unprotected walls. There are steps you can take to reduce this with proper wall protection.

    The fan is usually thermostatically controlled and should turn on when the unit gets hot. If you leave it off or unplugged you risk harming the electrical parts since they could get too warm.
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