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    I recently purchased a coal stove made by Brunco. I have been using it to heat our 2000 sq. ft house (basement/1st floor). Originally- I was burning wood in it which did not work so well. Now I am burning wood/coal fires. I have read your coal burning tips and noticed that this was not mentioned. Is this the wrong way to burn this stuff? Also I have not noticed any information on burning bituminous coal.....is there any differences that I should be aware of vs. anthracite?


    Anthracite is the preferable coal for residential use- and cannot be mixed with wood. The problem is that the wood burns completely and turns to ash well before the coal does..this ash messes up the coal fire. Bituminous is a poor fuel for home heating- as it is dirty to handle and also burns with a high pollution output. However- some bituminous is cleaner that others....and it is possible to mix it with wood (depending on the grade)
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