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QandA Posted By QandA, Jun 9, 2007 at 5:04 PM

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    My coal stove is making a lot of dust in the house. It is locate din a family room in my basement and we seem to be dusting off the furniture almost every week. Any suggestions?


    1. Turn the blower off before you open the front door. This will prevent the blower from creating an air current around the opening that will suck out both smoke and fly ash.

    2. Purchase a second ash pan and substitute this for a full one when you empty the ashes. Empty the ashes into a metal trash can OUTSIDE, never in the home, as flyash can become airborne and deposit around the house.

    3. Use a "Slinger" type coal hod. This is about 2 ft long and has a pouring spout at the top. Open the door slowly and then sling the coal from the hod against the back wall of the stove. This will be quick and eliminate much of the dust.

    4. Clean up any dust that falls out the front of the stove immediately after removing the ashes or refueling. Keep a dust pan or ash vac near by to do this. This will help a great deal in keeping your basement neat and clean.
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