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    Hi: Truly enjoy your site and e-mail newsletters, and have found them very informative. Keep up the excellent work. I have a question that I believe you answered with this latest news letter, but will still ask it, for confirmation. We are planning on building a new home this year, and we would like to have a alternate source for heating and cooking in the event of disaster( power failure)or whatever. The area in which we will be building is in the Crowsnest Pass area of Southern Alberta and as such we do have access to Coal and firewood. What I am interested in knowing is there someone who does build a stove suitable for both of these fuels?? We would like to be able to use either one or the other in case of emergency situations. Also would like to have this stove in the basement in recreation room. What type of chimney would one require??


    Very few companies make a combo coal/wood stove anymore...one is Harman Stoves at http://www.harmanstoves.com. This is a nice unit, but more costly than wood or coal only stoves. Also, these are designed for hard coal...not sure if that is what you use up there. You can use any class "A" chimney, which means either a masonry chimney built to current codes, or a stainless steel double or triple insulated chimney. Metalbestos is one well known brand. Either way, you'll have a good backup source of heat.
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