Comfortbilt HP22i feed rate

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New Member
Nov 29, 2023
Southern Ohio
Hello all, this is my first post so please take it easy on me haha.

I have recently upgraded (newer) pellet stoves from a Winrich Dynasty to a Comfortbilt HP22i. I’m not used to all of the digital and automatic features of this stove.

It runs great and puts out a great amount of heat. I generally use it in manual mode which is where I’m having my “problem”

On the lowest setting (1) I am still over heating my house and burning through pellets very quickly compared to my previous stove.

I have went into the combustion settings on the stove but I am not familiar with what these mean.

The picture I will post is the default setting. At the top of the picture the screen reads HD1 which I’m assuming means the manual 1 setting but I’m not sure.

Default HD1 was 16 off 44 on which I’m assuming means minutes feeding pellets and minutes not feeding pellets .

I changed this setting to 22 off 38 on.

Is this what I should have done to slow the feed rate or am I way off?

After the changes the stove is still burning fine and not running its self dry or causing any smoldering pellet issues.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
Comfortbilt HP22i feed rate