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  1. L

    Comfortbilt hopper ran low and had darkened pellets in it?

    This might seem like a non-problem, but I wanted to be safe than sorry. Last night I wasn’t the one topping off the hopper in our Comfortbilt stove, so I’m not sure where it started from but it got low enough this morning that the low temp alarm went off and the stove shut down. I got up...
  2. P

    Comfortbilt HP22i feed rate

    Hello all, this is my first post so please take it easy on me haha. I have recently upgraded (newer) pellet stoves from a Winrich Dynasty to a Comfortbilt HP22i. I’m not used to all of the digital and automatic features of this stove. It runs great and puts out a great amount of heat. I...
  3. ylomnstr

    Thinking about new stove (St. Croix Hastings to Comfortbilt HP22N?)

    Hi guys. I have an older St. Croix Hastings stove. It must be about 15 years old. It's been a work horse and has served me well. I have always had some issues with the versagrate motor being loud. I've dealt with that, but the stove is about 5 feet from me in my living room, so when it's on...
  4. M

    Connecting Duravent Chimney Adapter to Existing Masonry Chimney Thimble Pipe

    I'm glad to have found this forum. I recently purchased an old home that previously had a wood burning stove vented into the masonry chimney in the living room. I just purchased a ComfortBilt HP61 pellet stove and tried to hire a professional installer to connect the pellet stove to the masonry...
  5. C

    Pellet stove for Yurt--recommendations?

    Hello! I am looking for a pellet stove for my newly built yurt. It's 450 sq feet with insulated floor, wall, and ceiling (though it will never be as well insulated as a real house). I'm in Oregon in the Willamette valley where average low temps in winter are in the low 30s. The yurt is my year...
  6. C

    Venting Help

    Hopefully someone can here can help me I recently moved into my first house, and with it came a USSC 6041HF I was so excited to have a pellet stove, since the other option is a propane furnace, and I really don't want to pay to run that all winter long The problem is the pellet stove doesn't...
  7. R

    EPA Certified Wood Stoves Spreadsheet Data - "Out of Production" info

    Right off - Hi! I'm new though I've read many posts over the past year while researching stoves. I'm getting ready to buy our household's first pellet stove. One of the resources I'm referencing is the EPA's "List of EPA Certified Wood Stoves." (page...