Thinking about new stove (St. Croix Hastings to Comfortbilt HP22N?)

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Feeling the Heat
Hearth Supporter
May 28, 2008
Staatsburg, NY
Hi guys. I have an older St. Croix Hastings stove. It must be about 15 years old. It's been a work horse and has served me well. I have always had some issues with the versagrate motor being loud. I've dealt with that, but the stove is about 5 feet from me in my living room, so when it's on, between the fan and the motor, it can be kind of loud. Also, since last year I've noticed the glass ashing up faster than normal. I've cleaned the stove and done the leave blower method. I took the stove outside this fall and took it apart and blew it out. Took the fans out and blew everything out. I'm pretty sure I got as much of the ash out as I could. My flame pattern is very good, but the fact that after a couple of hours, the glass is already cloudy is making me wonder if there's another issue. I know I will probably be told it's an air issue, or the stove isn't clean, but I don't know what else i can do to clean this thing. I also replaced the combustion fan this year hoping that would help. No difference. I'm debating trying a comfortbilt HP22N, but just don't want to regret it considering overall, my Hastings has been a good machine. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Did you change pellet brands?
I have found some brands dirty up the glass really quick
Other you go a few days before it starts to get really dirty
Been using the Lowes Green Supreme for years now. I could try a different brand, although I think I've done that in the past with no noticeable change.
I had that same experience with my 2008 Hastings (bought used in 2014) - the glass would soot up fast. Didn't matter what brand or type of pellet (and appropriate adjustment of draft for said pellets). Since you took it all apart over the summer and did the LBT, if your flame pattern is good, that means the draft is set up well so it is probably just the nature of the beast in your particular circumstance. I think I tried using Rutland stove glass cleaner, which leaves a fine film of silica or something, and that helped a bit. But at the end of the day, the Hastings glass would get dirty much faster than my Harmans. And for such a nice looking stove, that is irritating.

That being said, that was not any of my reasons for trading it out for the P43. At the same time, nothing wrong with deciding it no longer owes you anything and getting a newer stove. You can probably get decent money for the Hastings on CL or FB and let it continue to be a work horse for someone else.