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    I have a few questions so hopefully you can steer me in the right direction. I own a house in the northwestern part of Ohio. Its approximately 1800 sq ft. It has the following heat sources: woodburning stove, heat pump and electric strip heaters in the ducting. The first electric bill that I received was a shock. I don't have natural gas in the area or I would tap that source. I'm thinking on purchasing either propane, kerosene, or a pellet stove. If I go with either the kerosene of the LP gas I'll have to install the fuel source. If I stay with the pellet stove than I need to have 2 wood piles. I'm trying to eliminate or at least lower my source of fuel from the big electric companies. Please help me by providing me with the pros and cons of each.


    Most of these answers are provided in the content area of the site (https://www.hearth.com/what/specific.html) and the Q and A (http://chi.hearth.com). All the fuels mentioned are cheaper than most electric heat. Use the "compare the costs" area of the info page to compare prices charged in your area. Also, consider that Pellet Stoves need electric to operate (do not work in power failures). Then make an informed decision.
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