Considering buying a used Tarm Excel 2000


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Hi all,

My old oil system is on it's last legs and I've been considering going to wood.

I found a used Excel 2000, which is a combination oil/wood boiler. The unit is from 2004 and was installed in a parsonage. It's being sold by the HVAC technician that was hired to remove it and replace with a new system.

It was originally hooked up to a storage tank, but that tank was leaking, which was one of the reasons the church replaced the entire system.

I spoke with Tarm and it seems like a concern in terms of how long it was run without the tank, and whether I can get good lifespan out of it myself without the tank.
The seller thinks the storage tank system was insanely convoluted and thinks I'd be better off without it, but Tarm says 10-20 years without a tank.

The price seems good, and the photos make it look very clean - there's not even any soot above the door. It sounds like in the last few years it was mostly run on oil. But I'm wondering what to do here. Any wisdom from the group would be appreciated.