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    Hi Craig, I am considering purchasing a Trailblazer Model 1700-1706 or 1300 made by Heating Energy Systems, Inc. of Clackamas, Oregon. These models are only 22"L x 15"W x 23"H and would easily fit in my fireplace. Is it all right to use one of these models as an insert in a masonry fireplace built in 1870 if the proper ductwork, and hearth are in place? The fireplace is solid. Also the models are non catalytic wood heaters. Are Catalytic heaters required or just a good thing? The manufacturer also states that the stoves are for burning all solid fuels. Should the installation differ for coal verses wood fuel? The stoves are older models but in brand new condition and priced at $225. If they are not suitable for inserts please advise of any alternatives that may be competitively priced.


    The company is out of business, but given the bargain price that may not matter to you. Although I am not familiar with the exact model you mentioned, I can guess that the stove is not designed for coal burning...stick with wood.

    A fireplace of that age (1870) may not have a tile liner. It may also have loose brick and poor mortar. Have it checked out by a certified chimney sweep and line it with stainless steel piping for the best results.

    As far as catalytic or non-cat, don't worry about that. There are many efficient stoves of both types. Assuming it fits into your fireplace and meets the required distances to combustibles (mantels, walls, etc.), you should be fine.
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