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    I have a Vermont Castings Vigilant stove, Its at least 15 years old and when we purchased it we had a water jacket installed. Recently we have had to have it repaired, after a while it gets expensive to repair, as it is stainless steel and the welder charges a lot for his work. A. Can we get a replacement water jacket? they are custom made to fit into a small spot in the stove. Vermont castings does not make them any more. also the thermo disc (sort of a aquastat) is not functioning well and after trying plumbing and electrical stores, neither of them can get any that close at 130 degrees. do u know where i can get a replacement disc? Thanks Al


    You can use a well type aquastat and install it onto a tee on the outside of the stove near the jacket. Many of these should be available to close at that temperature. As an option, you can also use an electronic aquastat made by a company called Independent Energy out of Rhode Island.

    It could be tough to get the exact water jacket. There were a few companies that made stainless steel coils to fit inside woodstoves. Perhaps you could substitute one of these.
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