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    We moved into a 6 yr old home with a fireplace that has gas logs. It has what looks to be an 8 inch metal flue with a damper. There are side vents with levers to open and close the vents to outside air. There is also a wire mesh curtain with tempered glass louvered doors on the outside. There are no vents into the room. These gas logs put out almost no heat. We miss the smell of wood and there are times when we could really use the heat. What has to be done to convert back to wood and hat can be done to maximize the heat efficiency when using wood. What are the ballpark costs for doing this (with and without various options)?


    Based on your description, I would guess that you have a wood burning prefab metal fireplace that had the gas logs retrofitted. This can be confirmed by locating the label which should be affixed to the unit near the front. However, most units with dampers and 8" and larger flues are set up for wood.

    If this is the case, simply have an installer remove the gas logs and the gas line. Patch up any holes that were drilled for the gas piping and you'll be ready to burn wood. The radiant heat that comes from wood embers may give you more feeling of warmth than the fully vented gas logs.

    If you really want to boost the heat, you'll have to get a fireplace insert (approx $2000+ installed, make certain you get one approved for a prefab)..or, a blower grate like Thermorites "Grate Heater"
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