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    Am looking for information on correct way to fire proof wood stove installation. What materials can be safely used especially for close contact with wood. If there isn't information available on line...a recommendation on a good book would help. Actually any help would certainly be appreciated.


    There are several ways to shield a stove properly from combustibles. The most economical way is as simple as spacing a piece of 24 ga. sheet metal off the wall using non-conductive insulated spacers (usually ceramic) a minimum of 1". You would leave an air space off the floor 1", and 1" from the ceiling. This allows for convective air to flow which will keep the backside of the shield cool, as well as the wall. The width of the shield will also depend on the product. Centered on the stove, 36" to either side covers that aspect. Some brands, however, do not require the shield to go the full length from the ceiling to the floor (w/air spaces).

    Try to find out the manufacturer of the stove, and then pursue their own safety tested and listed installation requirements so that you know what's what.

    You can also try to find such publications as "Wood Heat Safety", or the latest version of the NFPA 211 Guide. These would be helpful for nondescript stoves, or what we in the trade would call "unlisted stoves" meaning that they have not yet been tested by an accredited lab.

    There is also some installation information within the "Hearth" web site. Go to this link https://www.hearth.com/what/links.html where there are oodles of great information that should be very helpful.

    Link: HearthNet Links Page
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