Couple of hiccups and a flue check

Butcher Posted By Butcher, Dec 30, 2011 at 6:32 PM

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    Nov 2, 2011
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    Last few days we been having some really high winds in the 35 to 40mph range here in the middle of nowhere. 3 days ago the stove was cookin along with ST and stack temps just where I wanted them. Went to check on the far after a while and the wind musta shifted just right or something cuz my stack temps had risen 100° in a very short time. ST temp was still at 600°. Cracked the side door slightly for just abit and the stack temp went back to normal and stayed there the rest of the night.
    2days ago, same winds, everything just as they should for stack temps, and was gettin into a good book. Happened to make a trip to the beer fridge and looked at the ST temp on the way. Black Sabbath decided it wanted to heat me up or somethin cuz it was crusin along at 750°. While I'm confident the stove could run at that temp all day and night with no problem, it was getting to danged hot in the house. Shut the air down to absoluty nothin. (Something I normally dont do since the stove likes it better at a quarter or alittle less.) 60 seconds after chokin the air off the stove woofed at me. I wasnt lookin at the stove to know what it looked like but I'm guessin the sudden lack of air caused a quick build up off gas that ignited? It sounded like it does when you light a small propane torch. I opened the air up alittle right after and the stove went back to 650° for the rest of the cycle and all was well the rest of the night.
    Yesterday was great. No wind, sunny, and warm for this time of year. Since I had experianced those 2 hiccups I thought I would check the flue. Pulled the spark arrester off the 7x7 clay liner and saw what I always see. Just the dull black dust that wipes off easily with my hands. If I had a big enough Q-Tip I could swipe the liner down to lookin like new. What I didnt see was the top 6" coating of creatote that I useta get with the old stove. I try to keep my stack temp around 400° so I'm thinkin thats why the lack of the black stickies at the very top 6" of the flue?
    Coarse todays another day. OS temp right at freezing, mix of rain and snow, hardly any breeze and high humidity. First load took forever to take off but when it did, all was well with the world. No real questions I guess, just some observations.
    Ron Poepeal wouldnt like Black Sabbath as it fer sure isnt a "Set it and forget it" kinda stove sometimes. Thanks for listening.
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