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QandA Posted By QandA, Oct 5, 2005 at 2:20 PM

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    We have recently purchased an antique wood-burning stove that needs some restoration. I have already found answers for rust and paint on the Hearthnet but I couldn't find a good answer on cracks. The stove has a small, hair-line crack about 4 inches long on the back. Can this be welded? Should this be welded? Are there any other products or solutions we should know about? I would also prefer to keep the stove a nice as possible so cosmetics is a concern. Thank you


    It would be best NOT to weld such a crack. You could use black furnace cement ro patch it from the inside, outside or both. Then you could paint over the cement if needed.

    Cast-Iron does not weld well, and the quality of cast in an old stove like this might make things even harder.

    A lot depends on if you desire to actually burn the stove. Even then, I might leave such a hairline crack alone until if/when it gets larger.
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