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    I have recently purchased an older home built approximately 1939. It has a masonry fireplace. I have recently had it swept for the 1st time and they revealed to me a crack in the flue tiles. I wanted to convert the fireplace to gas logs. Do I need to have a liner installed? I asked the sweep to check into this, but they only sent me a bid for a liner to replace the cracked tiles. I also seem to be confused about the vented vs vent free logs. I do not want to use as primary heating, but do not see the point w/out some heat being provided to the room? Please help with any further advice. Thanks for your time.


    Virtually all clay fireplace tiles have cracks in them, a problem which is often not a big deal...especially with the use of gas logs.

    If you do not mind the fire not being as realistic, you can install vent-free logs and use them with the damper opened most of the time. This will still provide some room warmth.
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