Custom surround or raise firebox floor?

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Nov 8, 2022
Hi all, I'm looking into an insert that, with a four-sided surround, would cover my firebox (three-sided leaves a 3" gap at the top). However, the firebox is flat with the hearth so there's nowhere to put the bottom piece of the surround. I've been told my options are a custom three-sided surround (3" taller at the top) or raising the floor of the firebox so the insert sits high enough to allow room for the four-sided surround's bottom piece.

I was thinking of going with the custom surround, particularly because the four-sided surround covers up a few inches of brick on the sides which a custom surround would prevent, but at the same time, that's going to mean a fairly big piece of surround at the top which may look weird.

Any suggestions/thoughts for me?

This will give you a visual idea of what it will look like with the custom surround.

Custom surround or raise firebox floor?
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