Darn old M6 Die Hard battery will not start the tractor. Just Click Click Click…

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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH
Just looked up M6 - December 2006 - wow almost 17 years old!!
The battery voltage on the tractor battery is 10 VDC not 12 VDC. Each of the 6 cells is approximately 2 VDC so that means I have One dead cell so the battery is No Good.
The date code is M6
M = Dec and 6 = 2006 so it is 17 years old. That lasted a long time?
Also the charger light is green and needle keeps pegging and the manual says that means the battery is dead.
Therefore I picked up another Gold Sears Die Hard AGM battery at Advance Auto and got $10 back for the core charge.
Bingo - It Starts right up!
Pic 1 - Oh No - Approx 10 VDC - One cell is dead!
Pic 2 - HF CEN-TECH charger with engine start
Pic 3 - Oh-No - charger Green light = Bad Battery!
Pic 4 - New Die Hard AGM - Date code 10/23
Pic 5 - Sales slip shows price less core charge. :)
Did anyone else have this issue?

34FF5E21-540A-401F-96D7-DA15231AA4BA.jpeg 902B5801-C88D-44BC-8235-D86150FD5C53.png A80B1A5F-EB58-4DF5-9176-DBB03658EC04.jpeg 8E49CA1C-0A7B-469C-910F-6984323DECCC.jpeg B3F48235-15E4-4230-8A0B-320EFA99B513.jpeg
That battery had a pretty long life!
Btw, to extend the life of the new one, check the level periodically and add distilled water as needed. I'd check it every 6 months. You can also get yourself a densitometer ($5) to check the acid concentration. And, always keep it fully charged!

Edit: I guess for batteries they call it a hydrometer. But it's just checking the density of the solution.
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About 4 years ago I started replacing my ATV and motorcycle batteries with lithium. They are very powerful and light.
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