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esox Posted By esox, Feb 2, 2013 at 11:40 AM

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    Quick update. I finally decided on the pe summit stove which I have purchased. After looking at quite a few stoves at different dealers and deciding on cast or steel, cat or non cat I narrowed it down to the Regency 3100 which seems to be a very nice stove and of course the Summit. I chose the Summit for a few small reasons and basically haven't seen anything negative about this stove. I'm thinking it will give me the same heat as the old Grandpa Fisher with about a 20% decrease in wood consumption , save me from having to climb up on the roof every month or so to clean the chimney and save me a lot of mess dealing with the ashes for cleanout every day. Hopefully even a bit longer burn time. Bare bones model as like I said its in the basement. Pedestal, black door and large ashpan. Price was $2100 which reasearching I think was about as low as I was gonna get it for in this area. Really looking forward to trying this new toy out but I'll have to wait till next fall. Some of you were stressing the fact of insulating my basement walls which I will undertake during this off season. Not sure exactly what I will do yet but I understand what your saying about my situation. I'll figure something out without going overboard. I greatly appreciate the input I have gotten from everyone that responded. You've been a great help. Thanks again, Dave
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    Congratulations on the new stove I hope it works out for you. As far as insulating the basement I think the best way to do it is the foam board then put furring strips on top to hold the foam secured to the wall. Whenever you are ready your wall will be ready to accept OSB or sheetrock for afinished wall. As far as the rim joist I think the best option is the DIY expanofoam kit. I have expieience with foam it green but I think the others look like they would work good too.

    I have procrastinated insulating my basement too but I know it would be a huge savings.
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    Sounds great. Keep us posted and take pics of your progress.
  4. Oldhippie

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    Cat stoves are easy, efficient and they burn a long time.

    No need to shy away from them.
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