Defiant 1 operation tips?

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New Member
Nov 2, 2023
Hopefully someone can help me out. I recently installed a new/ never been used defiant 1 single piece fireback. I'm finding very little information online about operating the stove itself. I know that they like to ran wide open so that's what I've been trying. My main concern is creosote build up. My other stove I had installed didn't put off as much heat but every year I'd check the chimney and it was always clean and no build up so I rarely swept it. This new defiant though, it doesn't seem to get over 500f griddle temp. no matter if in primary or secondary burn modes. I've been using it for two weeks now and looking up I to the secondary chamber into the flue pipe there's considerable buildup even though this thing is throwing off major heat. Another this I noticed is creosote not buildup but washing down from the chimney cap running down the chimney wich never happened in the 5 years of running my other stove. Any real tips on operation of this beast would be much appreciated since not many people know anything about these stove anymore.
More information my chimney is masonry clay lined about 16ft. Tall. I have 8" black stove pipe coming off the stove going in to the chimney the stove pipe is less than 5 ft in length. I been burning wood for most of my life so I'm very familiar with what you need to do. Yes my wood is seasoned and dry.
Also I have the secondary port hole closed and just the primary cracked open during use. Am I doing g the wrong thing there and maybe have the secondary open as well? I thought that was just for lighting fires?
get a thermometer no matter what stove you are running. that will give you info on how you are burning because the stove inside should not be black like in your pictures. the stove should be running at 450 low to 700 high and it is ok the run it a little higher when first starting a fire. i run mine at 600 give or take 25 degrees on the oval cook plate