vermont castings defiant

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    Classic case of being upsold, or actually an issue?

    Lots to unpack here, but I'll try to be brief. Moved back into a family home 1.5 years ago and replaced an original VC Defiant with a new 2021 Defiant. Kept the setup the exact same for ease. Got a sweep and got to work burning. I had someone come out to do an inspection this Fall and not...
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    Defiant 1 operation tips?

    Hello, Hopefully someone can help me out. I recently installed a new/ never been used defiant 1 single piece fireback. I'm finding very little information online about operating the stove itself. I know that they like to ran wide open so that's what I've been trying. My main concern is creosote...
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    Air gap- vermont castings dauntless

    Hi everyone! I am installing a vermont castings dauntless woodstove in my tiny living room so I am hoping to reduce the stove distance from the wall as much as possible. The stove will be installed in a corner and I am planning to do a wall with an air gap. Right now the wall is just studs with...
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    Brand new Vermont Castings Defiant 1975-CAT-C

    I had a VC Defiant Professionally installed brand new Fall 2021. Brick chimney 35' with new 6" liner. Previously used with Drolet non cat, one year, and VC Defiant from 1980, rebuilt, used one year, still leaked so abandoned for new. Waited 6 months for unit to be built. Super excited to buy a...
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    Vermont Castings Defiant 1975

    Hi everyone! New to this site and wood stoves... I recently bought a home that has a Vermont Castings Defiant from 1975 I believe (inside says 1975) I have looked up a few how-to videos but most are of newer versions that have handles/dampers/air controls that mine does not have. We have...