Dell Point DC-2000 Is it a good wood pellet burner?

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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH

Does anyone have any experience with Dell Point DC-2000?

Saw this but not sure if it is a good pellet burner?

It is a multi-fuel Corn Pellet. Not sure how it does with wood pellets? Does anyone Know?

Some specs from >>
Multi-fuel stove: burns corn and wood pellets and other biomass materials
85% efficiency
Battery backup
Automatic ash removal
34,000 BTU
Min. setting 8,500 BTU; burn time 65 hrs
Max. setting 34,000 BTU; burn time 17 hrs
Height 31.25", width 25.5", depth 25.5"
Weight 295 lb, hopper 65 lb


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Sep 25, 2011
New Brunswick
It seems like it's a nicer looking, smaller brother to the Europa 75, which I have (and love)

I'd price a blower motor first, but it sounds like a good buy to me.
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