Determining value for LOPI Yankee Bay Pellet Insert

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Nov 26, 2014
New Hampshire

I have a LOPI Yankee Bay Pellet Insert that I no longer have a need for as don't have a fireplace. I want to sell the insert and purchase a free standing unit. The LOPI Yankee Bay Pellet Insert cost $3500 brand new in 2008. It is in very good shape. What do you think a fair sell value is for one these?

Pellet Insert.jpg


Minister of Fire
Dec 19, 2009
Eastern Ontario
Look and see what other stoves are selling for in your area
Here it would sell for 12 to 15 hundred but I have no idea
what they would sell for in your area


Minister of Fire
If everything works and it's in good cosmetic shape, 1200 max. Put it in Facebook Marketplace for 1200 and see if anyone bites or CL. Lots of junkers on there (CL and Marketplace) that people are asking way too much for and they sit.

Inserts are a tough sell, especially with no surround. Freestanding ones sell much easier.


Minister of Fire
Thanks for the info. It does come with complete surround panels and is in good shape. I will accept best offer and aim for the 1000 mark.
Put in your ad that it is complete and everything works as it should (so long as it does that is.)

You might try the classified ads on here too (I think there is a sub part for that), never looked.