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    Re: DHW coil Hi, I'm looking for a domestic hot water coil that I can fabricate into the stove pipe of my wood stove just as the exhaust leaves the fire box. My stove has a six inch collar and I am dumping the exhaust into an 8" stove pipe so there should be ample room in the stove pipe for a coil without interfering with draft. My thermometer on the stove typically reads between 400 and 800 degrees which is plenty of heat to establish a heat siphon. ANYWAY- does anyone make such a product?


    Not that I know of. You can simply wrap copper tubing - 3/8 or so, around the pipe and then place another sleeve around that. Of course, you'll have to establish a thermosyphon or use a brass or stainless circulator for moving the heated water. Also, don't forget to install a PR Valve close to the stove.

    I'd replace the first section of pipe with a 6" and then wrap the tubing around that. Then place an 8" over that to provide heat retention.
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