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    I have a new Waterford Trinity non-catalytic woodstove. It burned well the first few times I used it then all of a sudden I couldn't get it to burn very hot. My glass is smoking up and I'm not getting much heat even though the damper is completely open. I also have an outside air duct to bring in air. My neighbor who has a woodstove said that she doesn't use hers above 40 degrees F because the wood just smolders. Is there anything I can do? This is devastating! I live in a temperate climate. Thank you for your help.


    The temperature and humidity outside DOES have an effect on the strength of draft, especially with newer woodstoves. Many non-cats are actually easier drafting than cats, so I don't think it's your choice of stove...however, I am not real familiar with the inner workings of that particular model. My suggestion would be to look at improving the draft..

    1. Raise your chimney a few feet if possible
    2. Make certain all the stove pipe is well sealed together and has furnace cement between the joints.
    3. Start the stove very hot and fast with a lot of smaller wood. Burn it with the door cracked open for the first few minutes until the chimney warms up well.
    4. Continue hot burning until a good bed of embers is in the bottom of the stove.
    5. Learn the stove...maybe you should rake the embers a certain way before reloading. Every stove is different.

    Lastly, even though you live in a temperature climate, this winter is VERY mild (1998/99). The stove will work better as it gets colder and clearer.
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