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    Sir, I am so confused,please help. I would like to replace my freestanding woodstove with a LP gas stove. It now exhaust out into a cement block chimney on the outside of the house,the rise is about 25 feet. I am interested in a sterling b-vent or a jotul direct vent more so the b-vent but the local dealer says if i go with the b-vent i must insulate the pipe and the direct vent is so expensive, why can't i just exhaust it into the chimney and forget about it?


    Gas exhaust is very cool and so does not always establish a good draft, especially into the cold block chimney. If you get a B-Vent, you'll want to use one of the aluminum liner kits to line the chimney with a 3 or 4" sleeve. If you go with a direct-vent you can still use the chimney - but you need a special adapter made by Dura-vent which converts the chimney to accept a two pipe system, (Direct-vent).

    The Direct Vents are a little more efficient, but the whole system may cost more. Your call....
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