Distance to combustibles.

Chrisificti0n Posted By Chrisificti0n, Oct 11, 2018 at 3:37 PM

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    Oct 8, 2018
    I was hoping someone could clarify for me - I have a standard brick corner hearth that extends out 5 feet in both directions and 4 feet vertically.

    The BK stove currently installed cites clearance at 10" from each back corner of the stove. The back corners sit exactly 6" from the face of the bricks -- and the bricks are about 4" deep.

    This configuration only provides me with about 8" in front of the loading door, half of what this stove requires. This has been in service for 30 years, but I'd like to address it.

    I'm looking at both smaller stoves, as well as potentially extending the existing (rounded corner) hearth to provide more coverage in front -- the stoves I'm looking at mostly just want ash/ember protection.

    When measuring clearance to combustables --- do I need to measure to the brick -- or do I measure to the back of the brick, assuming there's standard combustable wood product behind it? Instinct is that... brick isn't combustable... but some of the wording in install manuals seem to reference the bricks as part of the "combustable wall assembly", so I wanted to check with those in the know.

    Thanks for the guidance everyone!
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    You measure to the nearest combustible material. So the back of the brick. It is possible if the manufacturer allows for it that the brick could offer some clearance reduction.
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