Do you burn differentley when its frigid

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Max W

Feb 4, 2021
The bummer is that in real cold weather the storage is not the limiting factor, my slant fin baseboard cannot keep up with the heat loss in one of my zones when the storage temps drop. The circulator just keeps running. The fix is not easy, I would have to open up finished floor or ceiling to get to the supply and return piping to replace it with a larger diameter pipe and then I could add baseboard or go with lower temp emmiters.
Possible to replace the fin baseboard with radiators?


Minister of Fire
Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
Possible to replace the fin baseboard with radiators?
My wood cost is basically chainsaw and splitter gas and in theory I am dropping trees on my woodlot that need to be dropped anyhow for timber stand improvement. So hard to justify spending money on any upgrade of my heating system. I am looking at building a new home and thus any upgrades will be left to whomever buys this one, in the short term I will just put up with burning a bit of extra wood.

I also have a reasonably new Tarm sitting in my garage that would definitely burn wood more efficiently that will not get installed.
Oct 13, 2020
Quebec, Canada
I normally will put in the largest splits that I can fit through the door over very hot glowing coals then will open the air control up a bit more than I normally do and try to cruise the stove at 500°-600°.


Burning Hunk
Jan 12, 2012
Cape Cod, MA
Cape is getting ready for gusts of 70 mph winds.
Yup, so I'm getting ready to heat 100% with wood if the electricity fails. The insert keeps the first floor of our 2000-sq ft house quite comfortable with no help from the furnace. In very cold weather I usually start a medium size fire around 4 pm, then reload fully when that is done and repeat as necessary. The furnace stays off. I don't burn overnight, as the house is pretty tight and holds heat, plus we like a cool upstairs bedroom. The smart thermostats tell the furnace to warm things up before we get out of bed, but if we get 70 mph winds that may not go according to plan. ;-)



Feeling the Heat
Nov 16, 2015
Huntingdon County, Pa
When it's cold for the overnights or when I'm going to work, I try and stuff as much wood into the firebox as I can. During the evenings on a workday, I'll reload twice, instead of just the one time right after I get home.

When I am home on the weekends or for some other reason, I just reload more often. I also try to burn junkier wood, which I currently have a huge amount of as a good bit of the ash that I am currently burning started to rot before I got to it.