Does this support box look familiar?

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Kurt Huber

New Member
Jul 11, 2023
Southeast Minnesota
I’m having a nightmare trying to figure out how to install my used chimney.
In good shape.
Most parts are labeled Simpson Duravent.
Trying to add to and install this. Here is a look at the bottom of the support box. Does this look common? Am I missing a piece to install duravent dvl . The class A on the upper side has a weird connection as well.
I can’t seem to get the connection right at the support box and can’t afford all new pipe!
Any help is much apreciated

8494D223-0981-40FD-82D3-4D3E8C4B2ADF.jpeg 6A3D7B01-C0E1-4D90-9C12-5F31C7B1D812.png F05CCF97-0F73-4B61-9312-31B55DAA2AA0.png
That’s a modified Selkirk/super-vent support box. Your pipe is also compromised, you shouldn’t be able to see any insulation. Best to just start over at this point. The 2 parts can’t be combined even if they were in good condition.
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