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    I have a Jensen wood/coal furnace and would like to add a water tube in the fire box.Right now I am using a 40 gal. propane tank with a disconnected 40 gal. elec. tank as a tempering holding tank. My question is how can I get an installation diagram using these two together w/ a circ. pump w/ aqua-stat for controls. Would you put the circ. pump after the propane tank or storage tank they stand side by side.


    There is a discussion and some diagrams for this on the link (look under wood stoves) from https://www.hearth.com/what/specific.html

    Usually, the circ pulls cold water from a tee near the drain or input (bottom) of the propane heater and then into the heat exchanger..and then out to the top of the tank (a tee before the PR valve?) Make certain another TP relief is installed directly outside the wood furnace with NO VALVES in between the furnace and it...and pipe it to somewhere where it will be safe if it goes off (6" from floor ).
    One vendor that sells a water tube is Yukon/Eagle at http://www.yukon-eagle.com

    Link: Yukon Eagle
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