Door assembly

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Jan 3, 2024
SE Pa.
Hello all, I stumbled across this site and hoping someone may be able to help. I have a Quadra-Fire 3100I purchased in 1999. The stove worked great for me until the heavy metal baffle plate above the air tubes rotted away (large hole in the center of the 1/4” steel plate). I was able to purchase and replace the baffle then and two more times since. My air tubes also split apart and I replaced them once so far (I’m afraid to inspect them again!). I’ve attached photos in case they can help others.

I’ve also replaced the glass in the door 3-4 times…each time was little harder to remove the flat head screws that hold the metal flange and glass in place. Last time I replaced the glass (2 years ago) a few of the screws snapped and two are striped…which is why I’m writing this.

First question is does anyone have any experience with this issue? If so, might you have a possible fix for the broken and stripped screws (I’ve tried penetrating oils and let it sit a couples days with no luck).

Second question is does anyone have a source for a new door assembly complete with new glass?

Sorry for lengthily message but I’ve had a lot of issues with the stove after five or six years and wanted to share what I’ve encountered in case this can help someone else.
Thank you all in advance!!

Door assembly Door assembly
You’re gonna hafta drill out the broken screws using a drill bit that is smaller than, but close to the Minor Thread Diameter. You will have to clean the remaining screw material out with an appropriately sized thread tap. When you install the new screws, coat them with an anti-seize compound & you should be able to remove them more easily next time.