Double wall pipe ceiling clearance question

jjames Posted By jjames, Jan 11, 2011 at 8:25 PM

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  1. jjames

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    So I bit the bullet and went with the double wall metalbestis pipe.

    I have 1 question to pose and would love to hear your feedback as to the solution.

    My install is going to be a straight run from a T6 up through a cathedral ceiling.

    I am using the metalbestis telescoping pipe from the stove to the ceiling and it is where the telescoping pipe connects to the Cathedral "thimble" that I have my question.

    From my drywall out to my shingles is about 22.5 inches. There are 2 sets of rafters. One for the roof, and one for the ceiling.

    I have a metal plate to cover off on the inside.

    My telescoping pipe says that it requires 6 inches of clearance and my thimble requires 2 inches.

    Is is possible to extend the telescoping connection through the ceiling for the 4.5 inches that the thimble is short of, as long as I have 6 inches or greater clearance to all rafters/joists and drywall?

    (I guess it is possible, so the real question is would there be a concern doing so....)

    Or do they make a thimble that is 24 inches long vs. 18.

    Or do I need to get a 12 inch chimney section to put on the bottom of the thimble that I then have to paint black to match the inside?
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    I think the later is the situation - you need to extend downward using the chimney.
    Pipe connectors, IMHO, are only made to be used where you are looking at them 100% when you are looking at the stove...that's a rule of thumb which is easy to keep in mind.
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