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    Hi- We've had a woodburning stove for many years and use it quite a lot. However- we do have one problem- and perhaps- you know of a supplier that can help us. Our house is an A-frame house and our chimney rises more than 2 feet above the roof line. However- in certain wind conditions it is subject to downdrafting which is most unpleasant in the living room! I have gone to using a turbine type of ventilator which ends the downdrafting. However- the only kinds I can get are made for roof ventilation and have plastic or nylon bearings which sometimes soften when subjected to some of the heat of rising gasses in the stovepipe. Do you know of a supplier of chimney turbines made for this use rather than for roof ventilation? Thanks- and stay warm. (We had about -15 last night!).


    Yes- use a Vacu-Stak made by Improved Consumer Products (ICP)...link below - any local stove shop can get them for you.

    They do not spin, however they use an airfoil effect to acheive the same results.

    Another company called Chimney Cap Design also makes chimney caps for high wind situations.

    Link: Chimney Cap Design Web site

    Link: vacu-Stak
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