Drolet escape 1800 install questions

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Oct 10, 2023
Hi. I am in the process of installing a Drolet escape 1800 freestanding pedestal wood stove in a 800 sq/ft cabin. The stove has triple wall chimney pipe from top to bottom (15 feet total). I’ve read everything I can find, but I still got a few questions and this seems like a place where people have good factual answers.

1. As far as I can tell, my required clearances are 9” from the corners to the wall and 18” from the center of the chimney opening to any combustible surface. This is the information I found in the Drolet manual. Just looking for some affirmation that I’ve got this correct.

2. My walls are shiplap pine. I’d feel a little more comfortable if I had a heat shield. I was thinking about using the same type of ribbed bare metal Galvalume I have on my roof. Using metal 1 inch spacers to create clearance. This would reduce the distance that I have from the corners of the stove to the wall by 1 inch. Is this a smart move or should I just leave it as is with the shiplap pine?

3. I ordered the Drolet metal hearth piece. It’s a few pieces of metal that are interlocking and well it seems like it’ll do a good job of preventing any material that would cause a fire from getting through to my floor, I'm less certain about heat going through the floor. I’ve got interlocking laminate flooring. Is that going to melt? If so, what should I do to create flooring, that’ll withstand any heat from the bottom of the stove ?

Thanks in advance for sharing your informed opinions. This is my first wood stove.
Why is chimney pipe being connected to the stove. It's expensive and awkward to connect. Normally the chimney pipe stops at the room envelope and the stove is connected with stove pipe. There are no clearance charts for connecting chimney pipe to the stove because this not tested or expected.

The corner clearance required for the Escape 1800 is 10" with single wall stove pipe and 7" with double-wall stove pipe. If greater heat reduction is desired, the Drolet AC02710 heat shield is made to go on the wall. It reduces the corner clearance to 3" with a double-wall stove pipe connector. This is essentially what a sheet of galvalume on 1" spacers and open at the bottom and top by at least 1" will do.