Drolet ht 3000

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I’ve got a Drolet ht 3000 that not giving off the heat like I’d like for it to. I get good burn times and when reloading the stove with wood you need welding glove but at the same time you can almost touch the top of the stove with your hand. I’ve got a blower and have tried a few things but really no difference
The HT3000 is a serious big heater. If the heat output is weak, then the issue is either with fuel, the draft, or the operator. Sometimes it's a combo of these. If the fuel quality is poor, due to punky or poorly seasoned wood, the heat output is going to be disappointing. If the draft is weak, then secondary combustion may not take place, or if it is too strong a lot of the heat could be heading up the flue. If the air is not being shut down in a timely fashion, then too much heat will also go up the flue. A stovetop and stovepipe thermometer will help a lot with fine-tuning operations.
Could be. Instrumentation would help determine this. Describe the setup. How is the stove connected to the chimney? How tall is the flue system from stove top to chimney top.

Has the firewood been tested for moisture content?