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    Somewhere a couple of years ago- one of the fireplace dealers in their catalog had a product which ducted heat from one room to another by way of ductwork in the attic and a blower. The inlet grill was mounted above the woodstove- and allowed heat to be radiated to other parts of the house. Any ideas of where I might find this product or something similar?


    This is real easy to make up yourself. Simply go to your local plumbing supply or Home Depot- and buy a Kitchen or Bathroom Exhaust fan (the kitchen ones are more powerful). Install it in the ceiling of the room where the heat is- and run a insulated duct (flexible is available) from this to a boot (a sheet metal duct box) mounted on the ceiling of the room you want to move the heat to. A grill of your choice can cover the ductwork boot. The electric can be hooked up and either wired to a wall switch- or run from a thermostat (for instance- if it hit's 78 degrees at the thermostat- then the fan would turn on).
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