Dutch West DW2500 wood insert. 1

etiger2007 Posted By etiger2007, Feb 9, 2012 at 11:04 AM

  1. etiger2007

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    Feb 8, 2012
    Clio Michigan
    I have a Dutch West wood insert with a small 1.3 cubic ft fire box. I can only get about 2hrs of goodheat from oak. I did replace the door gaskets lastnight and the stove maintained temps better than ever but the wood was still reduced to coals after two hours.(Temps of 450 for two hrs)( and 650 for an hour then gradually lower) I am using wood on the small side probably about the size of your forearm and wrist. I would love to get six hours of strong heat out of if it but havent been able to yet, hell even five hours of strong heat would be great. The oak im burning measured at 18% moisture with a moisture meter yesterday the wood is about a year seasoned. Also what is a good temp to get long burns I try to burn over 400 degrees maybe im burning to hot any help woul be appreciated. When I burned at 650 degrees last night I was wondering if that is too hot i have a temp gauge on the loading door of the unit so im not sure if this is truely accurate and the six piecesof red oak were in coal form after an hour.

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