DutchWest 2461 Inner Top Web Air Gap between Web and Stove Top???

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Oct 25, 2010
Hello All,

My DutchWest 2461 Wood Stove was in dire need of attention (leaking gaskets and creosote build up/clogging).

Removed most of the creosote, cleand flue and stove outlet and replaced gaskets/seals on Side door, Front Door, Ash Pan and Damper.

Re-built the Cat. Replaced Air distributor (part 8 on diagram), Baffle (part 9 on diagram), Interam Gasket (part 54 on diagram). Sure this was due to time/heat (original 20+ year old parts).

When installing the Inner Top Web (part 6 on the diagram) there was a 1/4 gap between the bottom of the Inner Web and the Top of the Inner Top (part 5 on the diagram).

Is this a design feature (blowoff/bypass for the cat) or a warped web (web looked fairly straight, but slightly mis-align on the 45 degree edges)?

I sealed off the gap with gasket/cement and now the cat burns extremely hot with dry/seasoned wood (~1700 degrees).

Stove seems to be working as new other then Cat running very hot (with primary damper slightly cracked open and ~2 turns on Combustor/Cat Air Inlet).

Any input would be appreciated.