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    We have a vented Dynaglo fireplace logset installed by a former owner several years ago (actual age of the set is unknown, but the house is 13 years old and the fireplace was converted from wood burning at some point before we moved in a year ago). I notice that after we turn off the set, it glows (which is okay) but the bottom log actually seems to burn 'embers' for a couple of minutes. I don't recall it doing that last year. Could the bottom log be deteriorating? Is there a lifespan to these sets after which the logs need to be replaced? (Other than that, the set works fine.)


    Assuming that it is a fully vented log set (damper stays open), things should be OK even if the log is deteriorating. It sounds like the outside layer of the bottom log has been burned away and the inside material is now partially exposed. The logs are completely fireproof, so this should be fine.

    Yes, they have a life span, which can range from 10-20 years under most burning circumstances. Again, assuming that it is a standard vented set, you shoul be able to replace the logs with any similar logs if you cannot find the original equipment manufacturer.
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