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    Could you please give me some company info. on ELECTRIC FIREPLACES . My father in law is looking to purchase a electric fireplace. He saw a paper by ( Dully) on the electric units and is very interested. If you could help me out I would be greatly appreciate it ( Just to get him off my back ) he does not have a P.C. and it's up to me


    There are a few manufacturers....

    Innovative Hearth Products: http://www.innohearth.com

    Rustic Crafts of Scranton, PA Ready-Built of Baltimore, MD Burleigh Appliances of Atlanta, Ga and a Canadian Manufacturer called Dimplex...that makes a very realistic model.

    I think Heat n Glo also now sells some electric units - http://heatnglo.com

    Link: Innovative Hearth Products

    Link: Heat n Glo
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