Embers coming from chimney

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New Member
Oct 9, 2023
Hi all, first time poster and first time pellet stove owner.

I just recently moved into a house with a pellets stove stove insert Whitfield ll-TCFS. Had an inspection done and it said flue cleaning-pass. I used it the other day for about 2-3 hours, went to take the dog out and noticed embers coming out of the chimney (about 1 or 2 every 15 sec or so). I have been reading everything online that indicated a chimney fire, to it being “normal” and that a “spark arrestor” would be needed. Not sure if I have one. Just looking for different opinions. I do have a sweep company coming in 2 weeks for peace of mind. Unsure if I could continue to burn and it be safe. Thanks everyone in advance and if more I for is needed I’d be happy to provided it if I can

It’s not normal to have embers coming out of the chimney. It’s possible you have a build up in the chimney. It’s also possible that you have way too much air going through the stove. in that case, the air damper on the stove would have to be closed some.

We would see them on our install some times. Mostly on high burn rate. Have you cleaned out the unit or have had it serviced? Might be a good idea. Probably getting to a busy time of year.

Basic maintenance. Clean/scrape out burn pot, vacuum hopper and all blowers and sweep the vent pipe can be a home owner tasks.
We had it inspected when buying the house and said it is in working condition and passed inspection. Only thing iv done is just clean out all the dust and severe that I could see. Haven’t done an in-depth clean. We do have a company coming out to sweep and properly clean it in a couple weeks. I also did turn the damper down because I was getting that “popcorn/ dancing” pellets in the burn pot and read that could also be part of the problem.