Englander 25-pdc burn back. Help!

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Mar 18, 2019
Palmer, ma
I have a Englander 25-PDVC pellet stove. My problem started initially with a E-2 code. I found out later on after pulling both augers and cleaning the tubes that I have a cracked vacuum hose. I replaced the vacuum hose and reassembled the augers. I kept getting a back burn and had the smell of smoke. I did replace the door gasket as I had black glass. THe glass now stays clear, so I’m assuming no air leak there. If I have a bad gasket on the augers bearings, could that air leak cause a back burn through the bottom auger? Also i removed the burn pot to make sure the igniter was properly aligned with the hole. Does that gasket between the burn pot and the main unit need replacing too? Sorry for having so many issues. In summary I now have two augers with new bearings that freely turn and pivot, lubed. Vacuum hose replaced and clamped on both ends. New door seal and now glass stays clean. I fired up the stove, had a great fire for 15 min then checked again with the fire appearing to be burning inside the bottom auger as you look from the front glass. Help!!!
I am no expert on your stove but it sounds
like it needs a good cleaning all exhaust channels
and chimney partly plunged with ash
What exactly do you mean by burn back? Are you getting fire in the hopper? Or are you smelling smoke in your house and you just cannot figure out where it’s coming from?
Sorry I totally missed that. That would almost have to be a blockage or maybe a combustion blower that is not moving enough air. But I would start with a good deep clean. Use a leaf blower and take the combustion bloer out and clean it also. Make sure you get all of the knooks and cranny's..
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