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bigtrout Posted By bigtrout, Sep 19, 2008 at 2:20 AM

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  1. bigtrout

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    Sep 19, 2008
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    Hi, I am new to the board, I picked up a used Englander 25-PDV, just installed and tested, everything works good, except at the very low setting. Since it is used, I am afraid someone messed with the Low Fuel Feed, Low Burn Air and Air on Temp. I cleaned the whole unit, adjusted all the augers, and tested the whole unit with the diagnostics before installing. To test it out, I used a bag of Lignetics pellets. On settings 2 thru 9, it works great, thankfully we had a 32 degree night to try it out. But on the lowest setting it wants to go out.

    I know the some Englander reps haunt this board, and I would appreciate if they could give me the proper factory settings for LFF, LBA and AOT. My 25-PDV was made in 2004 and has a serial number WHI-020505. What are the factory settings for this unit?

    Thanks ahead,
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    My stove is a 2006 model, and the factory presets are 6-4-1. Seeing as that your stove is an earlier year, it may be different than mine, but you could take a look to see what your settings are at.

    You may adjust the low burn air, and low ff, but never make any adjustments to the air on temp setting.

    In the case you described it sounds like your stove may not be getting enough pellets, or air on the lowest settings. Adjusting the lba and lff buttons will only affect the stoves operation at the lowest settings, and will not affect the operation of the stove while operating at the midrange or higher settings if I remember correctly.

    If it seems as if you aren't getting enough pellets, you could also try increasing the opening inside the hopper. This is just a plate that slides back and forth and is found at the bottom of the hopper, and held in place by a bolt that you will need to losen up if you try to change the opening. I had to change the opening on mine a couple of times last year, depending on the pellets I was using. If the pellets you have seem a bit on the long side, try opening up the plate at the bottom of the hopper, or if the pellets are on the shorter side, you can always close it up a bit to prevent too many pellets from being burned.

    In my case,(and probably most others) the settings I use when burning always require a bit of tinkering with whenever I change brands of pellets. I hope this was of some use to ya, and I'm sure that someone will chime in with the exact settings for your stove soon.
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