Englander 25-PDVC not working, No Codes

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New Member
Dec 28, 2022
Hi All,

I recently acquired a used Englander 25-PDVC. Previous owner wasn't using it. It had been sitting in his shed. I got it home and cleaned out all the mouse nests from underneath. I hooked it up and... Nothing. I have a mechanical background ( I work in the energy and utilities department at a university, we run a landfill gas cogen and a separate biomass boiler heat plant ) and I'm leaning to new control board.

I have confirmed operation of both blowers as well as both augers. I confirmed the vacuum switches with a multimeter while testing the combustion blower.

Controller doesn't display any codes just "1 5" and won't react to and button presses.

I took the controller out and couldn't find any bad components. And I used my multimeter to confirm button presses are being sent to the control board.

It will not go into diagnostic mode because button are non responsive. I plug it in it displays "1 5" for 25 second and turns off


Feeling the Heat
Feb 8, 2012
Southern Maine
You're probably headed in the right direction. I'd just double check for mouse damage, not just the board, but wiring, too.