Englander 25PDVC issues

joe D59

New Member
Nov 14, 2019
New Milford, CT
Just putting some foil tape on the angles helped. But there is a metal plate with a slotted hole, held by a bolt over about 1/3 of pellet feeder pot. Don't see it on parts list. What might that be for????
Thank you very much Rick.

Pellet rick

Minister of Fire
Nov 25, 2015
Pottstown PA.
The slotted plate is the hopper feed adjustment that we keep talking about. You can adjust that plate for different size pellets to control how may are let into the top auger at one time. If its closed to far and you have longer pellets they can bridge the opening and your fire goes out. If its open to far and the pellets are on the small side you will get a roaring fire and chew up pellets.