Englander 28-3500 - Just dump heat into the basement?

Swamp_Yankee Posted By Swamp_Yankee, Nov 7, 2018 at 9:08 PM

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    I had an Englander 28-3500 at our old house that was tied into the ductwork that we primarily heated the house with for about 8 years. We bought a new house, rented the old one, and the Englander sat in the basement (tenants were not using it). We finally sold the house, but the new owners do not want it, so I'm going to pull it out of there this weekend, the question is what to do with it now. We moved to a 150 year old farmhouse with no ductwork (hydronic baseboard heat, no AC), so I'm thinking about putting the Englander in the basement and simply dumping the heat directly into the basement. The basement is not finishable and is strictly storage, (rubblestone walls, partial dirt floor, etc...) so I don't care how hot it gets down there.

    Obviously I'm going to get some heat loss as its an old house and not particularly well sealed, but there is a fair amount of insulation stuffed around the rim joists. Would I see an appreciable amount of heat making it to the first floor? Would it be worth putting grates in the floors to assist in allowing heated air to rise?
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    I would not hesitate to do that very thing. I have my crawl space heated with water after the home's baseboards via 100 pound propane cylinders. Always a warm walking surface.

    I have seen many a track home with a flooded crawl space for heat, floor vents in each room but connected to nothing. A reverse flow furnace and a trunk line in the crawl which had several 6" pipes x 4' in length on each side of the house. That with zero crawl insulation. Never did see a thermal image of one but can sure imagine the losses experienced.
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