Englanderconvection blower 25-pdvc

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Rick Gav

New Member
Mar 14, 2024
Traverse City, MI
I removed the exhaust motor to clean and marked the lead with a sharpie, however that rubbed off. I would like to know where to recconect the black and the white. It's an AC 115 vac motor, so does it even matter? The wire connecting to the control board are both the same color. I do know they connect to pins 7 and 8. On a side note thhe convection blower fis not turning on. I tested that in diagnostic and it turned on.

Thank You
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It doesn't matter what wire goes where. As for it not turning on, unless something got screwy in the programming on the chip, there isn't anything you did that have caused an issue. Maybe a static discharge? Are you plugged into a good surge protector? Look on the board to see if you can see any components that may have let out the "magic smoke."

You can always make up a cheater cord and plug it directly into the wall (you'll have to remember to unplug it after the stove has shut down). I had to do that when one of my feed wires on my PDV shorted and took out the triac on the board.